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Bowties get critiqued at Crimson

Bowtie on Campus

Gentlemen, drop your bowties
It's symmetric and old-fashioned, but just plain goofy. Gentlemen, the bowtie must die.

I've seen you bowtie lovers on campus: at career fairs, socials, classes and important meetings. I've seen you picking up plastic cups at football games and even watched you by the mirror straightening those stupid little things thinking maybe if the tie is perfectly centered it'll look dignified. Wrong.

What is the appeal of a bowtie? Is it because it's different from what most people wear? Are you the guy who would jump off a bridge just because no one else is doing it?

Wearing a bowtie, one must not forget his other accessories. Maybe some rainbow suspenders and a red honking nose. If you accompany it with a blazer and khakis you might as well bring a rattle and diaper, since anyone who does that looks like they're ready to pose for pre-school graduation photos.

I've dabbled in bowties myself, but I've also dabbled in Ghostbusters costumes and vampire capes. I grew out of it along with most of my adolescence, though fortunately there are still occasions where it's proper to dress like Peter Venkman.

And the frilly little choker doesn't look too bad with a vest and tuxedo. I remember wearing a sleek blue one to the high school prom and driving the ladies wild, but I wore a necktie with a tuxedo for my sister's wedding two weeks back and even that looks far superior.

I get the feeling that the bowtie will lose its hold on evening formalwear soon enough, probably becoming exclusively worn by male strippers.

Great public figures have worn bowties, not just the great clowns and strippers, so don't get me wrong on that one. Abraham Lincoln wore one and saved the Union, kind of, and Winston Churchill wore one while helping win the war to end all wars, kind of. But Lincoln did it looking awkward and Churchill still reminds me of the Gerber baby. more...

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