Want to Learn How to Tie a Tie in 86 Seconds?


Check out Google Base How to tie a Windsor Knot

Check out Google Base How to tie a Windsor Knot

How to tie a Windsor Knot.

The Windsor knot is a large symmetrical triangular knot for shirts with wide collar openings.

1. To tie the Windsor knot, place the tie around your neck with the wide end in your right hand and the narrow end in your let hand.

2. Notice how far above or below the end of the narrow end of the tie is in relation to your belt. This point of reference will be useful later if your tie comes out too long or too short.

3. Take you right hand and cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and bring the wide end up through the inside of the neck loop you just formed.

4. Bring the wide end down to the left, around and behind the narrow end, ending on your right. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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