Want to Learn How to Tie a Tie in 86 Seconds?


“For some it’s a matter of teaching them to tie a tie, to smile, to make eye contact

How to make the sale, advice from an expert

“For some it’s a matter of teaching them to tie a tie, to smile, to make eye contact, to watch their tone of voice. We’re like their second mom and dad. We don’t lose people because we work them too hard.

“This is not about who you are but what you become in the process of sales. We are teaching them to live. Our money comes from our own character. You can’t make more than you can handle.”

One of the tasks Lowery has set for his sales team is to become more involved in community affairs, charity and volunteer work.

Don’t be surprised to see Lowery or his staff working behind the steam table at Randy Sams Homeless Shelter or volunteering at other nonprofit functions.

“Right now we have about 40 people now working in Texarkana who weren’t working before. I know I’ve made a good impact on these young people. I am introducing them to a healthier lifestyle, to become responsible citizens and to give to charity. Mostly I want them to be sharp individuals with the proper ethics.”

A quick Internet search for Kirby Home Cleaning Systems or simply, Kirby vacuum cleaners, also reveals consumer reports citing problems and objections to the home demonstration sales approach. But Lowery is particularly bent on instructing his distributors and sales staff in the proper ethics of individual, one-on-one sales.

Lowery emphasized his personal and professional commitment to ensuring Texarkana consumers are able to have a positive Kirby experience.

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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