Want to Learn How to Tie a Tie in 86 Seconds?


How to be a super Supernanny, bow tie included

Spiffy uniform, bow tie and apron, oh joy!

Pudding is stewed plums with a home-made crunchy oat topping. It's timed for autumn, to tie in with any harvest festival work a nanny might be doing with her charges. I try the plums, which are delicious, and stifle my feelings of guilt at the tea I have planned for my own children: fish fingers, frozen peas and yoghurt.

I hastily buy the Norland Cook Book in the hope that I will be able to learn how to make traditional favourites like toad in the hole and hot cross buns, both of which would normally be beyond me.

"Of course, there are times when a nanny will not be able to stop the children eating processed foods, especially if the parents want them to," says Mrs Tucker. "But my job is to make sure the nannies have the confidence to cook lovely healthy food and set a good example for the children — and the whole family."

Norland girls (there have been just two male students over the years) learn a myriad of skills. As well as nappy-changing, they also spend a day at a 'skid pad' in case they ever hit black ice when driving a car with their charges.

"It was terrifying but great fun," one tells me. And, due to the rarefied worlds they are shortly to move in, they need to learn things that we 'normal' parents don't — including how best to get children on and off aircraft. (Always check the sides of the airline seat for stray peanuts, I am told. More...

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