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Tie inspired by the pop art

"I'd never worn a tie before. My grandad taught me how to tie it."...Maybe I should get a grandfather for my videos

IT IS the must have accessory for autumn 2006.

A school tie inspired by the pop art of Bridget Riley and designed by a high street name has started a uniform trend.

The new look was flying off the shelves in the stock room at Norwood School as last season's green jumper and navy skirt were banished to the back of the wardrobe.

Although only Year 7 pupils at the school in Crown Dale,West Norwood, were required to wear the uniform, 600 of the 700 children on the roll opted to dress in it.

The girls chose the colour and style to make a fashion statement marking the change of the single sex school to mixed in September 2007.

Their ideas were developed by Darren Green, a professional tie designer for high street chains including Next and Marks & Spencer, whose dad, Tom, is the school's premises manager.

Stylist Lyn Harvey, whose credits include television programme The Bill, designed the rest of the uniform based on drawings by pupils.

The logo on the purple jumper and blazer reflects the fabric of the school's performing and visual arts specialism.

In the playground, the fashion critics gave their new outfit top marks.

Kerri-Ann Morgan, 11, said: "It is very different - not what you would expect a school uniform to look like.

"People in the street ask me which school I go to."

Amira Shariif-Ali, 11, said: "I like the different colours in the tie because it brightens up the uniform.

"I'd never worn a tie before. My grandad taught me how to tie it."

Headteacher Denise Webster said: "I am thrilled that we can now officially unveil our new school uniform.

"The students and staff are incredibly proud of our new look and the positive feeling it has helped to inspire in our school."

The uniform of jacket, jumper and tie costs £63. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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