Want to Learn How to Tie a Tie in 86 Seconds?


Learn how to tie your shoes all over again

This almost hurts just to read about...

Thought you knew how to tie your shoes? asap's Ray Kugler offers five ways people with different foot types should tie their shoes.
It was a big achievement when you were 5, and then you moved on. But there are secrets to tying your shoes not covered in your average kindergarten class. How you tie your shoe could make a big difference in the comfort of your feet, and specialists have devised different lacing schemes for different shapes and features of feet. Here are five tips:


1. If you have a problem with pressure on your big toe you should lace up just the side of the shoe away from the big toe. Run the lace from the bottom, inside eyelet by the big toe up through the top, outer eyelet. Run the other end of the lace through every eyelet.

2. If you have a narrow foot you will want to lift the sides of the shoe to fit your foot. You can do this by only lacing through the outside eyelets; most running shoes have staggered eyelets, with half sitting closer to the tongue and other half sitting closer to the outside.

3. If you have a particularly wide foot you would use just the eyelets closest to the tongue.

4. If your problem is high arches, you would begin by lacing a normal crisscross pattern with one end of the lace, but skipping every other eyelet. Repeat with other side of the lace.

5. Pain from bone spurs can be avoided by skipping the laces over the spur. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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