"Based on my own experience, better dressed persons are usually of a more creative, confident type"

"Based on my own experience, better dressed persons are usually of a more creative, confident type," That quote is quite a good observation I'd say.

Dressing to impress: what guys should wear to a professional job interview

Guys dress to impress for the post-graduation interviews.
Frumpy khaki pants and an un-tucked polo shirt might have been fine for that part-time job at a fast food restaurant, but a sloppy appearance can cripple your chances for landing that first real job out of college. Professionalism means acting the part, and this includes the ability to dress appropriately.

First impressions are crucial and dressing well for a professional job interview is a must. If you are unaware of what to wear or how to wear it, there is help online, even if it is detailed diagrams about how to tie a tie.

The Men's Dress Furnishings Association provides tips on how to coordinate clothes for those who are really out of the fashion loop on their Web site, wwww.shirtsandties.org.

As graduation approaches, senior and junior guys begin thinking about dressing to impress in the realm of professionalism.

"Based on my own experience, better dressed persons are usually of a more creative, confident type," said Ziad Kabban, an international business consultant for the Khoury consulting firm. "These individuals are usually the ones who will not only do a job well but also take initiative, propose and improve a business."

Preparing the perfect outfit takes time, but once it is set you'll feel confident and be able to focus more on the interview.

"I would advise that the individual wear a suit, as cliché as it sounds it helps," Kabban said.

"What you wear to a job interview is very important," said Michael Khalil, a senior pre-med major. "It leaves an impression on the employer as to how professional you are. If you go to a professional job interview dressed inappropriately, I highly doubt you'll get the job even if you had a great interview."

For those who are truly clueless, a trip to the mall to window-shop or a talk with sales associates is always helpful.

Danny Chayban of Chayban's Tailors in the Galleria Mall said that he deals with a lot of business men who are always looking to perfect their look with an outfit that is not only striking but also fits well.

"The way the pant lays on the shoe seems to be crucial to them and it certainly adds a sharp look," Chayban said. "I also get a lot of men who like their sport-coats to fit comfortably. I would advise students to make sure they have a perfect medium between comfort and a classy look."

A full suit may sound intimidating, but skipping the jacket and wearing a shirt and tie with dress pants takes the same amount of planning. The shirt and tie are the most visible part of professional gear, so it's important to wear them correctly — for example, pairing bold patterns with subdued ones, according to the MDFA.

"I would say that a first impression is a door in or out of a really good opportunity," said Mark Mahfouz, a sophomore communications major.

"When I have an interview I will pay attention to every aspect of what I am wearing," Mahfouz said. "First of all, if I am comfortable and feel like I look good my confidence level is automatically higher. And second, I know it will up my chances of getting the job."

When it comes to job interviews, confidence is crucial. Employers want to know that the person they are hiring will have the strengths necessary to do well and improve their business.

"I would say that about 70 percent of the hiring process is based on the way in which the individual is dressed, which also demonstrates confidence and success in other ventures," Kabban said.

"So when it comes down to it, if there were two individuals who I felt were at the same level, but one was dressed in a more professional manner, it is likely that the better dressed would be hired," Kabban said. "The one who is dressed nicer demonstrates to me that they have good preparation skills."

Darwin said it best — "survival of the fittest" — dressing better than the other guy just might land you that job. So take your time, ask for help and put some effort into dressing professionally. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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