the importance of proper business attire, including how to tie a necktie

This sounds like a pretty interesting school

Pencader aims to prepare students for the competitive world of business that awaits them after high school.

The school's students were recently treated to a guest appearance by a local businessman who told them the importance of proper business attire, including the proper way to tie a necktie. A recent history quiz asked students to explain whether a variety of different workers, from autoworkers at the Chrysler plant to hospital workers and teachers, should be allowed to strike.

"No matter what field of life they go into, we want to explain that there's a business aspect to every career," said Jones, a Newark native who taught economics at Glasgow High School before leaving to start the charter school.

In its first three months, Pencader has attracted budding business leaders like 16-year-old Nathaniel McDonald, who is hungry to learn the ground rules and skills needed in the business world.

"This school has more opportunities to learn what I want to learn, which is business," said McDonald, a 10th-grader from New Castle. McDonald, who is Pencader's student government president, plans to start a clothing company.

"This school really prepares you for the future, for the world I want to step into," he said.

Zane Crockett, 15, a 10th-grader from New Castle who plans to become a surgeon, said Pencader has taught him "how to act in a business environment."

He's also learning the ABCs of marketing and product development. In a business operations class, he and other students learned the ins and outs of global trade and foreign currency exchange rates.

Pencader's business orientation also was what attracted Amanda Hughey, a 2006 graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in finance, to the school's faculty.

The school combines her interests in teaching and business and gives her the chance to make her mark in a new school.

"It's cool to be in on the ground floor and watch it grow," she said. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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