Bow Ties, Gowns, Fur and Gigantic Diamonds.

maybe its the photos but man some fur coats just say "cat" don't they?

It means we can pretend our normally laid-back city is actually quite fancy-pants. Oh, yes, we always wear tuxes on the weekends.
Saturday night, the San Diego Opera held its 2007 Gala to celebrate the opening of “Boris Godunov,” and the fashions were more plentiful than the caviar and vodka.
There were Carolina Herreras and Roberto Cavallis. Lanvins and Calvin Kleins. Sparkly handbags and super-high heels.
“There aren't many opportunities to dress up,” Esther Burnham said. “But the opera is one of those nights. It has always been very special to me.”
Yes, it was a magical night. One where women got their hair done and men wore actual cuff links. A night when it was OK to wear fur (depending on who you ask) and even more OK to wear a bow tie.
But like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight, once those opera ladies stop singing, it's back to Juicy Couture hoodies for us all. More...


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