I am not a man, nor terribly modern

I think that I posted something similar to this in the past, maybe it is a trend.. if you have it let me know if it is any good

HOW to behave at a lap-dancing club.” When I saw that on the list of things Dylan Jones feels 21st century men need to know, I was determined to read this book.

I guess thats why one would include such a chapter...

I do not go to lap-dancing clubs, and I am not a man, nor terribly modern. But I have friends who do, and are, so I toyed with the idea of reading Mr Jones’ Rules for the Modern Man and then maybe running etiquette clinics. Anyway, some of the information he offers is quite useful no matter your sex and even if you prefer the out-of-print novels of long-dead authors no one has ever heard of to ? oooh ? say ? Dan Brown.

There is, of course, some stuff in this book that the average Malaysian man would not understand and never in a million years need to know.A Windsor knot? What’s that? Black tie? White tie? Huh? Of course, there’s no harm in knowing these things. If you like showing off, you could just mug up on these topics, and then bore your friends senseless with the useless information.

... or bore your boss senseless...



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