Men's Suits Made in the USA

Suits and Ties made in the USA. Now I wouldn't want to suggest that you buy a new suit just because it was made in America but it should break a tie if you can't decide

If you check the tag on a men's suit these days, chances are it says "made in China" or Mexico — maybe even Hungary.

But if the suit is a Joseph Abboud, it still says "Made in America." In fact, the company is one of the few that continues to produce suits in the United States. And instead of sending jobs overseas, Abboud is hiring more people here at home.


Blogger David said...

Joseph Abboud!

It's true! The last suit I bought before coming to France was Joseph Abboud (spelling?), and where it the information on the lable was in fact a tie-breaker (so to speak).

"Union Made in USA with Italian Textiles" or something like that.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Wow!! I really like this selection of mens suits...

3:08 AM  

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