black suit and a silver and black-striped tie...

I'm never sure what I should make of a comment like the one that Peter Frampton made at the Grammy's the other day, to which he wore a black suit and a silver and black-striped tie. Here's the quote...

“I decided that I wanted to wear a tie because unfortunately I lost my dad halfway through making this record, it’s a tribute to him because he always wore a tie. This is the first time I’ve worn a tie since I left school. I didn’t even wear a tie at our wedding.”

My hunch is that he sees wearing a tie as only something one would do to please they father, which is a lot of power to give to a silly little piece of fabric that we tie around our neck, but maybe that power is why it endures. I guess its like heels for guys, just ask a woman about what they think about wearing heels and get ready for an earful and head scratching and questions that form in your head that you would be foolish to ask.



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