Where's the Bow Fie Tucker?

Ok, I don't have a TV so I'm a little slow to notice things like doesn't wear a bow tie anymore and he has a new show inwhich

"Tucker Carlson is the host of MSNBC’s Tucker, a fast paced, no-holds-barred conversation about the day’s developments in news, politics, world issues and pop culture."

"no-holds-barred conversation" wow that almost sound exciting, like virtual cage fighting with words. But what interests me is when did he loose the Bow Tie? Was that part of the MSNBC contract? Was it a result of the thrashing by Jon Stewart? Which by the way was the one "no-holds-barred conversation" that Tucker Carlson was involved in on TV and it killed his show. So I guess he is somewhere in that no tie or sometimes tie fashion statement. Its a phase incase you haven't noticed, like Barack Obama has it too, I guess its the dotcom billionaire look. Let me know your comments I'm curious.

Here is a foto of the former Tucker.


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