How to Tie a Tie Video Survey

So the survey results are in...If you didn't get a chance I'll leave it open.

So I thought that there would have been more interest from people wanting to learn how to tie a tie for a dance or prom or something like that. Many of you were out the way door to a job interview, which makes sense and several folks email to tell me that they got the job. I do have to interjsect here that as I have said in the past the Four in Hand Knot that you learned back when is just fine for some occasions and depending on what you are wearing but that it looks to many pro job interviews as a sign of inexperience. If you only know one tie knot then learn another, you will be alive along time and will get your $3.99 worth I promise. Check out the fat tie knot now the rage the "The Full Windsor Knot"

What did surprize me is that a big chunk of respondents just want to learn a new tie know and look good for the ladies. Nice one. Maybe I should run a survey about which on impresses the most.

Feel free to comment.

Here is the link for the Why do you want to learn how to tie a tie survey.


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