A Rakish History of Men's Wear

Wow would I love to check this out. If you are in New York and have a chance let us know how it is.

The Story of Men's Fashion Told Through Its Rebels and Rakes, in New Exhibition at The New York Public Library.
As the world of fashion launches its fall runway shows inside and around the Library, A Rakish History of Men's Wear provides an opportunity for viewers to trace the social, cultural, political, and aesthetic influences that have shaped the development of men's fashion," said Paul LeClerc, President of The New York Public Library. "The Library's rich trove of historical costume and fashion plate materials are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in understanding the forces that have shaped styles of dress from antiquity to today."

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


Blogger adiaz said...

This exhibit was quite good. Very interesting and filled with info from a wealth of texts and pictures. It gave an insightful look into the sartorial history of men through the ages.

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