Suits and Tie on C-SPAN = Boring!

I have to admit that I don't have a tv so if I want to see a talking head on my laptop I'll checkout c-span to see who's talking about the latest Washington thing. For those of you in the know Brian Lamb is set to take over and run the country should anything ever happen to the president, yes he is number two in line since it is a consensus that no one would want Dick or Nancy taking over the role so they have agreed to step aside and even shook hands on the deal. But I share these sentiments completely

What we’re sick of seeing on C-Span? Boxy suits, commuter shoes, red and blue neckties, tapered legs, the navy jacket/khaki pant combo and one-string pearls. Washington is better than that. Yes, politics is serious, and fashion, to some, is superficial. But in a place where image is king, why can’t Chloe be queen?

Why does Washington project such a bland boring image, total foolery isn't it and I haven't even mentioned Rumsfeld and his silly combat boots and navey blazer combo. Ok I just did.


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