Bow tie thoughts

This is an interesting little study but I'm sure that the guy was NOT wearing a tux, or it would be a whole new game.

A new national survey of 904 Americans revealed that men who wear bow ties are perceived as older, fidgety, dull, and more ‘scientific’ and ‘a little weird.’...Participants were divided into three groups. Members of each group were asked to view only one of three separate photos of a faceless male figure sporting a bow tie, necktie and no tie at all. Then, based only on the photo, they were asked a series of demographic and personal questions about that man.

This study concentrates on the bow tie wearer vs. the others — a man wearing a necktie or no tie.

More people viewing the bow tie photo thought that the man (compared with others) was:

Older, A Republican, A store clerk, Smart and brainy, Dull and rigid

Would people like to have this bow tie man around? Not as much as the other men. Fewer people would want the bow tie wearer in the neighborhood, as a friend, or in the family. In fact, based only on the faceless photo, more people would want to stay away from the bow tie man and fewer might like him.

Finally, many responders (39%), noted that they view the man in the bow tie as “a little weird,” compared with only 6% viewing the man either in a necktie or no tie.

Women were a little more charitable to the bow tie wearer but not much more than male responders.


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