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With the economy having its issues its a great reminder to look at your own financial security. If you are like most people pay little attention to how they might handle their family's living expenses should their income suddenly unable to go to work because of an unexpected illness or injury. Perhaps this is because most people feel an injury or illness will never happen to them. However, the statistics are unsettling. Studies show that individuals between the ages of 40 and 65 have a greater chance of missing at least 90 days of work due to an accident or illness than of dying. The average disability period is lasts 2.5 years. This is why disability income insurance should be an important part of your overall financial picture. Disability income insurance protects your most valuable asset, namely your ability to earn an income. You pay a monthly premium and, in exchange, if you become disabled -- through illness or injury -- and cannot work, the insurance company promises to pay you a predetermined benefit amount. In order to understand the right type and amount of disability income insurance for your needs, you should consult a Portland Financial Advisor . One way to understand the financial impact to your family is to add up all the money you will make in your life time and compare that with what it would cost you to insure it.


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